Tropical Depression

Tropical Depression CD

It all started with a lie.

I told David Greenfield I had a band that played surfed up versions of Joy Division songs. I didn’t.

But The Freak Accident has been hard at work on new songs and even though most people don’t know, or perhaps care, that we’ve been playing again it seemed like a good idea at the time. I mean, why shouldn’t a completely unknown band have a side project? Obscurity equals street cred in today’s hipster music economy. If people know who you are, you’re a sellout.

Besides, it was an opportunity to open for The Insect Surfers and Frankie and the Poolboys at everyone’s favorite beachside dive, Winters Tavern in Pacifica. So I lied to DJ Sid Presley.

So we’ve been spending Monday afternoons and the occasional Sunday night surfing out some Joy Division tunes (and one by the Cure, as well). Plus I’d already had a concept about playing surf music about depression. In as much as instrumental music can be “about” anything. I have a couple of original Tropical Depression songs as well, all conceptually about bad surfing days with titles like “No Sesh” and “Blown Out”. Also we’ve been playing “Anthem for the Tropically Depressed” a re-working of a song from the first The Freak Accident record. So there’s that.

For more on the connection between surfing and depression, I highly recommend William Finnegan’s excellent memoir “Barbarian Days”. Not about depression exactly, more about the anxiety that accompanies waiting to be pounded by a 25 foot wall of water and how that feeling is totally at odds with the laid back image of surfing. At any rate, I don’t think Ian Curtis surfed. But Joy Division wrote some excruciatingly beautiful music. Myself, I’ll never get good at surfing.

So The Freak Accident will open for the Insect Surfers and Frankie and the Poolboys on July 22nd,2016 at Winter’s Tavern in Pacifica, CA. It’s only 10 bucks and it’s gonna be a rager. 21 and over only, sorry kids.

Keep on the lookout for tracks and more shows by the Freak Accident, we gotta buttload of new tunes. Making a new record. Putting out the lost record from 2009 this year, I promise. Gonna hit you up to crowd fund that sucker.

Last but not least, here’s a little teaser for the upcoming Tropical Depression show, “Day Of The Lords” to get you in the mood.